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Heart Rock Ranch


Our family's dream has always been to live in the country and it finally came true but it hasn't been all sitting on the porch enjoying the mountain view nearly as much as originally imagined ;)

It's become more than we knew when we first ditched our city digs and jumped right in to, well, just about everything!

Cows, chickens, roosters, ducks, pigs, goats, ponies, horses, cats, Catahoula dogs and yes even a llama. Lenny really is the nicest llama. Alternatively we were thinking of naming the place The Dog and Pony Show ;)

We hope that by getting to know us and what we have to offer that you will get a taste of the country as well.

Why ā€‹Uā€‹s?

We started out sourcing organic feed for our chickens and hogs, until one day a customer asked us, "are your chickens and eggs soy free?" Of course they are we thought, but wanting to be absolutely sure, we tracked down the ingredients (which was not all that easy to do) and sure enough found organic soy was one of the main ingredients in all feed in Alberta!

Well we didn't want that for us, so why would we want that for you?

We have since switched to a corn free, soy free, canola oil free (non-gmo) pea based feeding program. And guess what people including executive chefs are raving about the taste!

It's hard to find meat and eggs without it but you can find it here at Heart Rock Ranch!

Follow Your Dreams

Truck to Table - A Day in the Life Calgary Edition

We've had some amazing opportunities came up in the short 4 years since jumping into farming and starting Heart Rock Ranch from scratch.  Summer 2019 Chevrolet Canada found and chose our farm for an across Canada tour with Chef Matt Basille of Fidel Gastro.

Our best day ever was when an entire amazing film crew from Toronto showed up and filmed here and then went down to River Cafe where they served Heart Rock Duck in a fabulous dish.  The episode can be watched on YouTube at