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Heart Rock Ranch


Are you seeing a theme on our ranch? Everything is speckled ;)

We have chosen to raise Heritage Berkshire Hogs.

These are a heritage breed chosen specifically for their exceptional flavor of lean pork. As with all of our custom feeding programs, we leave out soy and corn from our hog feed.

Berkshire's were discovered over 300 years ago in Berkshire County in the UK.

Berkshire pork is renowned for it's texture and flavour. It is juicy and tender, slow raised and worth the wait.

Our pigs are happy. They enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and camaraderie of nights cuddled up in their open shelters instead of living their lives indoors and in crates as is so common with industrial raised pork found in most grocery store originates from. You can truly taste the difference.

Here at Heart Rock we run a farrow to finish operation, meaning that all the hogs we raise are born here on our farm and we have them throughout their lives, where they are free to run around and play in the grass that they love to turn into dirt and mud. In the hot days of summer we will even put on the sprinkler for them. :)

We really enjoy raising them from day one and are thankful for good sows like this one here, Josie, who are careful with their newborn piglets. They are so cute and are literally born hitting the ground running.

Meet Taya the Pig

Taya had a rough start in life. She was an orphan in her litter and so we did what anyone who loves animals would do. We took her in.

So she was bottle fed. We took her camping, painted her nails as she trotted around the house with hooves that looked like high heels, so why not red.

She watched Charlotte's Web and we watched as she grew and healed and was amazingly accepted by another litter's Mom and she is now with her piggy friends living high on the hog and fitting right in.