Heart Rock Ranch

Local, Pastured, Natural

 ~ Farm Fresh, Free Range ~

~ From Our Family Farm to Your Table ~

Soy Free, Corn Free, Canola Free (non-gmo) & Raised Happy and all Naturally!

Soy Free Corn free Farm Fresh EGGS: Currently Seasonally Unavailable



Farm Fresh Free Range Soy Free Corn Free CHICKEN

Whole Roast Chicken - $4.25/lb - Temporarily Sold out

Variety of sizes - 4lbers to 5lbers - available to choose from.

Farm Fresh Free Range Soy Free Corn Free Heritage Orlopp Bronze TURKEYS

Whole Turkeys $4.85/lb (Sizes 23-26lbs available)

Pastured Berkshire PORK - Fresh Back In Stock NOW

Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon 1lb package (GF) ~ $14/lb

Ribs ~ $14/lb

Smoked Ham ~ (Bone-in & Boneless) $7.50/lb (weights from 3lbs to 5lbs per ham)

Pork Chops (Bone-in & Boneless ) ~ $9.25/lb

Steaks (Bone-in & Boneless) ~ $9.75/lb

Roasts ~ $6.50/lb

Ground Pork~ $6.50/lb

Soup bones ~ $3.00/lb

Hocks ~ $4.00/lb (sold out)

Back Bacon 1lb package (GF) ~ $10 (sold out)

Maple Breakfast Sausage 1lb package (GF) ~ $9.50/lb

Regular Breakfast Sausage 1lb package (GF) ~ $9.50/lb

Smokies 1lb package (GF) ~ $10.00/lb 


1/2 Hog ~ cut & wrapped ($490) Pre-order only, $200 deposit.

Whole Hog ~ you pay butcher fees & fill out cut sheet directly (we can help!) ($500), $250 deposit. 

To place an order or to make arrangements to make your selections in person via email:

[email protected]

To place an order/make appointment via text: